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My story takes place in Lebanon in which an organization called Lezem is dedicated to create a better living situation in Lebanon. 

Lezem is a Lebanese organization that was initiated by students who aim to make Lebanon a better place. What’s unique about this organization is that it aims to do so through art. The organization first launched in 2010 and has been going on ever since. All types of artists gather around and support a certain cause, whether they are film makers, painters, graffiti artists, photographers, musicians, writers, etc… They tackle the problem through their art which allows them to spread the message in a peaceful way. Also, a lot of people prefer not to watch the news due to all its negativity, so instead they attend these events and exhibition in order to aim for a change and support the people who are trying their best to improve the country. 

Even though I love my country Lebanon, I do believe that it can improve immensely. We have been living without a president for three years, people die every day due to political conflicts, the living situations are very bad especially for the poorer part of the country, and all in all the country keeps falling apart day by day. I’m only 20 years old and I’ve experienced war more than once and we had to run around from place to place trying to find shelter. I remember reading about Lezem and I was very surprised to know that this kind of organization existed in Lebanon. I began to research more about it and I found it very interesting especially because even though they are tackling very negative and sensitive problems, they are doing it in a very positive way. I personally am not a fan of politics especially in Lebanon because it’s all about corruption and war, so once I found out about Lezem I began to learn more about the problems without bringing myself down and I also felt glad because I tried to help in more than one way. I’ve donated to the organization, I told all my friends and family about it; trying to spread the message around in order for more people to get involved and help the country. Before knowing about this organization I believed that the country has very little to no hope at all, especially considering the people who are controlling the citizens. Whereas after finding out about Lezem, I realized that we are capable of change and we have more power than we think we do. This organization is not related to any politicians or to the government which is very rare in Lebanon. Now I know that change is possible and improvement is happening. 

I believe that this story is very inspiring, not just to Lebanese citizens, but also to people all around the world. Everyone aims for improvement, and this can be done in a million of ways, however what’s important is to improve without bringing others down. Lezem has aimed to do so in many different ways. One way is that they made a fashion show to raise money for a certain cause and in the fashion show they covered and talked about the problem that they were tackling during that time. This also inspired many other artists to join in as well. I believe this story doesn’t relate to a specific person, but rather the country as a whole. Everyone who’s heard about Lezem is surprised and inspired by it and the people I’ve shared it with have been as well. I’ve shared it with many of my friends and they’ve attended exhibitions with me as well as watched a lot of their videos etc.. I shared it because I believe that this type of positivity and improvement should be found everywhere all around the world. It’s a unique idea that spreads messages in a very friendly way and it had changed people’s lives drastically. 

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