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Gradual Granules | The Gradual Reform Sweeping through the Sands of the Gulf.

I have chosen a poem which was written as an open letter to all of the leaders of the Gulf Countries. Throughout the poem there is a constant reference to oil and the manner in which the GCC countries have allowed their oil to weaken the Arab unity and suck them into a selfish state of isolation for economic gain and power. The poem was written by Nizar Qabbani who is a Syrian writer and diplomat which attributes to the very political nature of some of his works.

I believe that it has traveled the same way social, political, and economical narratives and crises usually within the Arab world which is over a cup of Arabic coffee. Fortunately, this is exactly how I was first exposed to his works and many others like him. One day I was having coffee with one of my friends and we were discussing the volatile state of the Arab world and she decided to have me listen to Nizar’s poem called "Love and Oil". Moreover, I chose this specific piece of writing because I believe that it inspires me as first and foremost an Arab and a gulf citizen to involves myself in the process of the unification of the Arab world because nothing is more beautiful and inspiring than when we all come together to help each other survive and spread peace.الحب-والبترول-love-and-oil.html

My first and various other encounters with the poem were engaging and productive because even though this was written in 1958 it is still a struggle and topic of relevance especially currently and how the oil crisis came to haunt the GCC countries later. Additionally, I believe that the crisis discussed within this poem is widely known throughout the Arab world because it has shaped it’s various different cultures in negative ways. Therefore, even if this specific poem of Nizar Qabbani is not known his works and influence is and the struggles he discusses as well. Moreover, I believe that this poem resonates with me as an Arab because I have a passion to reform the manner in which the GCC countries interact and aid other Arab countries.

I believe that it has and still is inspiring people because of how raw of a topic it was and still continues to be. Therefore, I believe that it has the power to mobilize because of it's continuous relevance in our world. Specifically, it touches upon a myriad of themes such as lack of unity, Arab life, economics, politics, religion, and colonization.الحب-والبترول-love-and-oil.html

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