Civic Imagination

The Man from Up

One day, the man from Up flew in his hot air balloon house to New York City. While there, he stopped throughout the five boroughs, picking up inner city youths who were rejecting their previous lives. The youths came from backgrounds of violence, poverty, and little education.
While on their journey to Salzburg, Austria to start a new life, they read the Awakening by Kate Chopin, which teaches them that it is ok to reject their society’s cultural norms if it does not fit their dreams. With this knowledge, they began to have an open mind about adopting new culture and learning as much as they could.

After safely reaching Salzburg, the man from Up continued his travels around the world, helping young people escape the lives they do not like. The youths were able integrate well into Austrian culture and felt happy they were able to make a change.

Ethical Benefits and Challenges of Bringing These Stories Together
The story we created is a simplified, whimsical version of three of our stories. It teaches individuals that they do not have to bend to societal standards, and that there is always hope to be happy somewhere else. We do not think our story had an ethical challenge.
Picture of a hot air balloon

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