Civic Imagination

The colonial city

The story is written in San Miguel Allende and it is about how Mexican people venerate and celebrate all. The people that has been passed away. The characters are La Catrina, the mexican people. The story came from my ancestors. The description will be that they put in all the city. The OFRENDAS and with does we celebrate the people that is dead.

The relationship i have with this celebration is because of my traditions and customs that we want to celebrate The people Who is dead. It is starting to disappear because of USA traditions. That they only want to Go out for candies and sing the song trick or treat. I had been realize that in some parts from México that celebration is disappearing. 

It inspired other people Because in other places they don't make OFRENDAS and celebrate The people that pass away, as much as we do in Mexico. 

Ofrendas, day of dead, san Miguel 

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