Civic Imagination

Marìa la Altruista

Maria was born on the streets of Mexico City. Orphaned at the age of 12, she got by from odd jobs for local women.

In her late teens Maria could see no end to her life on the streets that she sought comfort in alcohol.

Her life spiraled deeper and deeper until one day she passes out and almost aspirates on her own vomit. She is found by a woman who takes her to her home and cares for her. For the first time in her life Maria finds that somebody sees her worth, sees that there is still a little girl that needs love inside of her.

Fast forward 5 years and Maria is performing the same role that lady did in her life for others. She has a small home that’s doors are never closed. Every night two or three women stay with her and every day her humble home is full of women being fed physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Maria’s actions end up interfering with the plans of the Narcos ( one of the girls was smuggling for them) and she is killed.

However, because of the help she gave others, her life becomes celebrated in dia de muertos.

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