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Remember the Titans

Remember the titans is based on a true story based in Virginia during 1971. It is about a High School that was becoming integrated and on top of that their football team was as well. The previous coach(Yoast) was being let go from his job and was being replaced by a black man(Boone), but in respect, the new coach offered him to be assistant coach and to take care of the defensive line. Although this was tough for the both of them, they knew it would ultimately be tougher for the students. Before the season started, the team was sent to a camp to settle their issues out on the field. They were paired with a guy of the opposite race and they became roommates. They had a tough time for a while until one early morning Coach Boone made them go on a long run. If you did not make this run you were kicked off the team. They ran all the way until they reached Gettysburg where the american Civil War happened and gave them inspiration because they were also fighting within themselves. Although it was tough at first, this brought them together and created an unstoppable force. The team became extremely close leading the two main football players Gerry and Julius to becoming best friends. When returning back to the school, their peers still struggled with racism while they got a hold of their emotions towards it. While the season started the white captain on the football team (Gerry) eventually kicks off his former best friend because he was compromising the team because of his prejudice. After kicking him off the team they became unstoppable and unbeatable. They made it to the championship and ended up winning.

Growing up with 3 sisters my house was filled with estrogen. When it came to movies, we always were watching disney movies or chick flicks but my father was always there watching with us. There were some moments where he would have us watch movies that were sports related or involved actors we enjoyed like Robin Williams. The story I chose is a movie called Remember the Titans. I chose this because it is definitely one of my favorite movies and has an inspirational story has touched my life. I have been watching this movie since before I could remember and can quote it so bad people probably wouldn't want to watch it with me. I think the way I was raised and the person I am today relates to this movie in the sense of being accepting and not being judgmental or racist. I believe that many people know this movie but not many girls especially that are my age. I think it was important that my sisters and I were exposed to movies that had such a strong story and are able to understand things that many people can not grasp. This story is very meaningful in the impact it had in the time where it was taken and in me.

This story can inspire many people that still feel racist against people that are black. This story is heart warming for me and I believe others would feel this way. I am not exactly sure of the impact it has had to inspire action but I can say with confidence that it definitely has. This story touches upon segregation, racism, integration, and emotions. I think racism is still a major issue in our world today and if people watched this movie and saw how boys who are competitive in their sports came together they can as well. I have introduced this movie to some of my friends and they thought that the story was very crucial to understanding the struggles African Americans have had in the past and today.

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