Civic Imagination

Who will comfort the monster?

The story tells about a little prince who lives in a large castle all on his own. He is very afraid and very lonely. He is especially afraid of the monster, a creature whose growling and wailing echoes in the mountains at night. Being afraid of the dark nooks and crannies of the castle, and of all the bad things hidden in the shadows, he decides to leave his home in search for friends. On his travels he meets all kinds of people but he is too shy to introduce himself to them. He eventually arrives at the ocean, where he finds a message in a bottle that reads: “ I'm a princess who lives all alone in a castle. I’m so lonely, and so afraid of the monster's growling. Please find me and comfort me”. The prince realises he’s not alone, and suddenly, feeling brave and strong, he sets out to find the princess. On his travels he meets the monster and tells it “Stop scaring the princess, she’s afraid of you and that makes me angry to the point where I’m not afraid of you anymore”, to which the monster replies, “I’m sorry to scare you but the reason I’m wailing and screaming throughout the night is because I keep working and working to support my family. I’m a father of three and I want to give them the world, but it never feels like I’m doing enough.” The prince replies, “so you’re not a monster, you’re a superhero!” and comforts the monster until it stops wailing.

Ethical Benefits and Challenges of Bringing These Stories Together

Being able to see the accomplishments of others through personal stories. There were no ethical challenges bringing these stories together.


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