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How I "Eat, Pray, and Love"

“Eat, Pray, Love” is a novel/memoir by Elizabeth Gilbert who talks about her own experience in life and how she went on a journey to find herself after she faced lots of disappointments, failures, and depression. After starting off as a married women to be divorced, Liz goes on a journey in three different countries – Italy, India, and Indonesia – to find herself and discover that happiness can only be reached when you think about who you are first and what is it that you really look for.

This is a story that simply sums me up. As I read it I found lots of words and thoughts that really reflect me. It was as if I was looking at a mirror inside a book. I first read “Eat, Pray, Love” in a Nonfiction Writing course at my university just a few semesters ago and even though it wasn’t a novel I would normally buy from the bookstore it was something I thought I should have read a long time ago before all that tragedy happened in my life. One thing this novel made really clear is that there is nothing called “soulmate”; something I had built my whole life on and looked for in every guy my eyes saw. I believe I am a different person than I was before reading this memoir for, in it, I got to know the real me and having seen myself on paper I realized how depressing I am making my life look like and how far I should go back to watch what is really happening around me. I have actually shared this novel with my classmates just as I shared the experience that led me to that very dark place I used to myself in and this why “Eat, Pray, Love” was the most suitable and necessary to read.

This is a story of great inspiration and necessity to all those who believe they are so lost in this world, or feel like no one out there can really understand them just because they can’t really get to know themselves because of any kind of pressure they suffer from. Whether because of a religious belief, a romantic belief, or any kind of attachment they tie themselves to. I believe it is a great memoir for self-discovery and awareness that what we want is not always what we get but sometimes we can find a different version of what we want if we just take it easy and let it go.

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