Civic Imagination

A Story of Persistence

The mission was called "Broken Tortoise Shell." Sergei was escaping the Hungarian Revolution in 1956. He used the code "Broken Tortoise Shell" to disguise his plan to steal as many resources as he could before fleeing the country. After months of traveling, the weary Sergei stumbled upon Sarah Lee in Hong Kong. Sarah Lee was a professional bicyclist who had just broken her arm, but was determined to compete in the upcoming cyclist competition. Sarah Lee was moved by Sergei's perseverance and tenacity, so she decided to help him on his journey to America. She taught him how to ride a bike and together they cycled across the entire Pacific Ocean. They rode so fast that they entered a time warp and ended up in 1800! They traveled across America and met all sorts of fascinating people. When they finally arrived in New York City, they ran into a young man named Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton was an immigrant from the Caribbean who had worked his way up the social ladder through relentless determination and hard work. He immediately felt connected to Sergei and Sarah, who were also immigrants who had come to America for a better life. While his experiences in life helped him become this great man, he relayed to Sarah and Sergei that he also had a dream about a bunny and a fox, fighting crime and prejudice, which he looks back on during tough times; for it showed him that one should not judge people by their differences. Sarah and Sergei also believed in this dream, and dedicated their lives to accepting everybody, not matter their differences, and educating people on these matters. 

Ethical Benefits and Challenges of Bringing These Stories Together

While all these stories come from different cultures and backgrounds, they all relate to the same moral principles of persistence, acceptance, and love. The ethical challenges arose in that the characters had to overcome personal and geographical boundaries in order prosper and collaborate. 

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