Civic Imagination

Michelle S

My name is Michelle Sainz Mariscal and I am a student of Communications in Mexico at the Universidad Iberoamericana. I am passionate about storytelling and people. And I believe that through creative projects one can ignite and inspire others to make contributions of their own. therefore creating a better environment where participation is the supporting ground. I enjoy the arts and have participated in clowning interventions with the Gesundheit! Institute of Patch Adams and School for Designing a Society. Both of these have taught me that collaboration and creativity are key elements in the development of any project. I am still uncertain on which field of study I will pursue, but I think that the opportunity to participate in the Salzburg Academy on Media & Global Change will open my eyes and enable me to choose an area where I will be able to influence positively the society we live in. Even though it may sound romantic, I do believe that each person can contribute through their own passion and I hope to do so as soon as possible.
Stories are my passion. Whether its history, mythology or just a good conversation, I think what connects us are the stories we wish to share and listen to. I like to get lost in worlds and find my way back through the characters I meet and the places I go to. One day I hope to tell stories that do for some, what imagination and the life of others have done for me.

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