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patterns and challenges

This story is about an eleven year old boy who communicates through numbers. This boy doesn't speak any single word but he gives number messages that only his dad tries to understand. Every time he gives his dad specific number or pattern and then his dad try to find out these numbers all across the space to save the world from danger. This story comes from a series called "touch" created by Tim Kring and it is set in the United States.

This story relates to me in two different directions. First, working as a teacher gives you the chance to deal with special need cases. After watching this series, I realized how open minded and understanding we should be in order to understand autistic children. It taught me that if a child doesn't communicate with us it doesn't mean he/she does have thoughts and ideas that want to share through his/her own way of communication. Second, as a mathematician, I have my own relation to numbers and patterns. I believe that this world is based on certain calculation of numbers that few are aware of.

That was last year when my friend told be about this series and since then i became addicted to that series. Unfortunately, this series isn't very popular worldwide maybe because people don't look at details around them.

This story has awakened my sense of human to tolerate children who have special needs. We should never underestimate nthe stremgths that these children have and the contribution they might have to make a change. In my community people underestimate special need children and don't give them the chance to express who they are.


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