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War, Love and Religion

The story is about me, it is about War, Love, and Religion. As a person who experienced war and love, because of religion. It is safe for me to say that i have a story to tell. In my country, Syria, a civil war is still going on. The causes are many but the result is one, yet the most notable cause is Religion. Religion was like fuel to the fire in my country. Being a young lady in such a place and such a time was very devastating. My religion became a curse i was born with, It was a barrier to love and normal life. A simple scene of what religion has caused in such a time of war is a conflict between my mothers family and my fathers family. Both are from different sects but the war caused hate to evolve and unresting problems to occur between the two families. Another is how Religion caused my love relationship to die because i was from a different religion from my lover, thus i was not appropriate for him in the eyes of his family. Another one is how religion was a cause of unemployment to some and death to some in a time of war. This might be inspiring to many because i am sure that i am not the only one who is facing those problems. I am not the only one facing the misinterpretation of religion.

I was inspired by a Lebanese movie called ( Halaa Lawein). It is a movie that talks about the sectarianism that exists in Lebanon, and how the people from the same village had issues the same as my issues, regarding love, religion and war. My relationship to this story is being the one involved in all the roles. I faced every single one of the parts mentioned above, and my first encounter to religion discrimination was when the civil war started in Syria. When i was just crossing some internal borders created by terrorists.I was asked for my id that shows my religion and my religion sect. People who had an unwanted sects were either verbally abused or actually kidnapped or killed. The one story that had the greatest effect on my was the rejection of me being a human based on my religion. The rejection of being in a serious relationship just because my religion was not similar to his. Those stories made me an advocate to fight against the issue of discrimination based on religions. It is known that no body ever chooses their religion. So being judged based on something you have not chosen is very cruel; and i have shared my opinion and my passion to this advocacy. We are humans before everything, and humanity should be the main aim for everyone.

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