Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

October 12, 1916

This is Columbus Day. I know only because I tried to make a deposit at the bank and the doors were closed. I got in by knocking on the side door, however. 
I’ve decided to keep a diary. I decided it after the night that I fell into the fountain when I was trying to greet the Lady of the Fountain. It was an occurrence that I couldn’t let pass. I fell in, in this way.
Amy’s folks came up to see her in their Ford and took us, Gladys Rodger, Katherine Howell, Esther Maag, Amy and I, for a ride and a picnic supper out west of Philomath. Of course we were hilarious and continued to be even after we left the car downtown and started to walk home. When we got to the edge of the campus the girls reminded me that I hadn’t greeted the “Lady”. I started on the run to fulfill my mission. The moon didn’t make much light, and it wasn’t until I sprang on the rim of the fountain that I discovered there was water in the bowl, a thing I never knew to happen before. I tried to stay myself but it was too late – and with an “Oh! Oh!” I splashed in! I dived out as quickly as I could but not quick enough to prevent me from getting soaked to the skin. It was so funny that we all just shouted, and a man came up behind while the girls were wringing me out. He got the full benefit of it – as well as the bunch of Sophs who were out after rooks to duck. They all lit matches as they passed us and discovered me in my bedrabbled state. It is all over the campus now. But I don’t wonder. I think it’s the best joke on a Junior I ever heard. I told Al Meyers and Eric England and they both say it is going in the Annual.

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