Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

May 13th, 1917

This is Mothers Day. Instead of having a nice service at church today they raised about $2000 on the Church debt. I was disappointed for I was hoping he would give a good sermon. He did give a few words on “Mother” at the end of the money ordeal but no one was in the mood for it then and it spoiled the effect.

Friday night was the Stunt Show. We had a packed house. I hope we made $200. Everyone was very much enthused over the stunts that were given. Cauthorn didn’t have any two weeks ago nor in fact a week ago. When Helen McDonald phoned to find out the name of our stunt for the programs, it didn’t have a name so Gracie Smith just made up a name on the spur of the moment and called it “Laugh and Grow Fat.” It fit it too, after the stunt was worked out, for Hazel Lankins was the burlesque dancer and everyone just roared at her. She with Ingeborg Hansen Regina Zan and Mabel Specht made about as queer combination in the extremes, for the quartette as ever appeared on a stage. It certainly was good.

Last night was the Annual Spring Party. I asked Al and we went to the dance. It is the first time I ever went to the dance. Always before I went to the party. Everything looked so pretty up stairs that I wished I was going, instead of the dance, and I surely wished it after the dance. I had all the queer fellows that came, I think. I didn’t get started to make out my program until most of the girls were thru, and I didn’t know what they were up to. As a result I didn’t get a dance with any of the boys I would have liked to dance with and had some perfectly awful ones with the others. I sat out every dance I could.

Everyone else seemed to have a “wonderful time”. Amy is perfectly wild about her man Mr. Ament. He is a Lambda Chi Alpha and a pretty good dancer too.

Today I celebrated Mothers day by being invited out to Mrs. Stutz for dinner. Lester is home and we had a fine chat talking over old Y.M. friends. He walked up to the Hall with me and suggested that we go for a walk some time, perhaps next Sabbath afternoon. It’s a good thing that Al is going to Salem this week. He is going to work on his brothers farm if he can get his credits fixed up. Hat will leave the coast open for some one else. Here’s hoping!

We went for a walk tonight after League instead of going to Church. It’s the first time I ever did such a thing and I kept saying “traitor” to myself whenever he would look at me, for if he’d smile sweetly at me I’d smile back. I hope the traitors eyes didn’t tell all she really felt. He wouldn’t have felt very complimented if he had. Oh – I like him - just middlin’ but I hope he doesn’t find out just how middlin’ that is.


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