Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

October 15th, 1916

The reception passed off fine, Cauthorn flew her colors to better advantage than Waldo, so almost everyone said. I was in the kitchen washing punch glasses a greater part of the evening when I wasn’t rushing around madly phoning to Stidds for more punch. We used sixteen gallons of punch and eleven pounds of wafers before the evening was over. I don’t know how we are to pay for them – for there isn’t enough to pay for near all of it now.

I didn’t meet any nice man at the reception because I had to be behind the scenes. Eric England shadowed me and I tried not to be so very rude to him but I do wish he would not be so friendly. I made Al mad at me at Shepard before the reception began. We had a Y.M.-Y.W. cabinet supper for Mr. Wheeler. Al was there and walked home with me. I wasn’t very polite to him when he asked, and made some rude remarks on the way home. When he asked to go walking today, I refused – and told him I was mad at the way folks talked – and coupled our names. He didn’t appreciate that, and I don’t blame him. No ordinary man would. But – I wish he’d hunt up some new girl. He tried hard enough today – goodness only knows. He called Katherine and Esther and finally got Elaine Bryan to go walking. Eric called me and I just said I didn’t want to go. I’d die, almost, if I had to go anywhere with him.

At the supper last night at Shepard, I met the new Y.M. secretary. He is great! His name is Hauffman, and he is big, handsome, athletic and jolly. I hope I have a chance to get to know him.

Ara Constable came down yesterday to stay for the weekend and visit us before she goes to California. We had breakfast in our room, and tea tonight in Esther’s room. Ara didn’t like it because I went off to League and church, but I had promised Lola Stutz to help her in League and I also wanted to hear Mr. Wheeler talk at the Presbyterian Church. Amy stayed with her so I think she ought to be satisfied.

Yesterday our team (football) won from WSC 13 to 10 and everyone is most awfully hilarious over it. We didn’t think it could be done. The boys almost went wild and had a big rally downtown. They went into the Majestic and Mr. Small put them out. Now they are saying they are going to boycott the show. They also said there wouldn’t be any school tomorrow while we celebrated the victory, but I guess that was just talk.

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