Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

August 15th, 1917

This is Dan Bennett’s birthday. I made some candy yesterday and sent it to him. I don’t know how he’ll take it. He may think I am intruding – after the way I broke up our correspondence over a year ago.

Just a year ago we were in Camp Comfort up in Washington. It was raining hard too because I remember we had to take our beds all in the tent – then we all got eaten up with the flies.

Our mule is still gone. We have looked every where all around this part of the country and today, dad drove into town to phone to all the sheriffs in the small towns around Eugene to have them be on the look out for a strange mule.

I am enjoying a siege of poison oak again as a result of my fire fighting the other night. It isn’t as bad as the last time I had it but it is bad enough to make me as miserable as I want to feel. I can’t put my hands into water or I don’t care to – so I have gone to sewing for Harriet. Yesterday I made a corset cover and today a combination suit. I hope we can get a lot of things make to send to her. I know just what she would like if she is going to school and it would be fun to make them and send them to her – just as a surprise. How I hope she can go to school this fall. I know how Dad gates debts and he feels that it will just be another one hanging over the family – but I know it wont be if Harriet has anything to do with it.

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