Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

July 7th, 1917

Al has been here and gone – and Jack has the poison oak. Not that the two have any connection but Amy and I seem to be more interested in them just now than some other. Jack couldn’t come to dinner Sabbath because he had an invitation to go to pick strawberries out in the country – so I didn’t ask Al either. But because of Jack’s strawberry escapade he is pretty badly puffed up with poison oak. Poor fellow I know how to sympathise with him.

And again Al looms up for consideration. He is the most conservative man I ever saw, to ask so much in return. Not that he has proposed or even suggested anything foolish like that, but he just seems to think I like him as a matter of course, and takes it for granted that I always will.

I guess I do like him better than I used to – but that doesn’t mean much even at that.

I must go set my tables. More of Al later – in case I get wound up to the subject – if not – it won’t matter much.

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