Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

April 15th, 1917

The result of the Home Economics election made Ruth Morton president rather than I. I was just a little disappointed for I would have liked to have gotten it. Still I wouldn’t have time to carry it out, for I haven’t time for my Y.W. work, to do it properly.

Amy got sick just after she came from the practice house last week, and finally went home Thursday. She came back tonight feeling some better altho her throat is still sore.

Yesterday the girls of the League entertained the boys as a result of the League contest. We made it a “hobo” party or picnic. We went to Lilia Stutz back door for sandwiches (in a wheelbarrow) and to Leeches’ back door for the salad and then to the church for the rest of our eats. We changed partners three times during the hike, so I got to meet several new boys (rooks). The funniest one – Mr. Rugh took me to a show and home afterwards. He even was so extravagant as to treat me on salted peanuts – two while bags of them.

Today I went to dinner with Al and Mr. French at the Rose City Club. It wasn’t planned before either and there weren’t any chaperones. Mr. French just came and Al suggested that I go, so we came up and asked and Mrs. Haight & she let me go. I had a fine time too.

Tonight we went to League then went over to meet Amy at the train. After we brought her home we went for a walk. We met Mr. Jensen and Miss Frances going out Arnold way. I am hoping those long deferred announcements come pretty soon so Miss Frances wont have to tell so many stories to cover her secret. I expect the announcement to come tomorrow. I may get fooled – I sort of feel that she hasn’t told me “facts” all the time.

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