Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

January 27th, 1917

Lights went out before I got to finished all I had to say last week and I can’t remember what it was now. I started to work on my Physiology note-book just now, but when I opened the table drawer to get my drawing pencil out of my disecting case I saw this journal, and remembered that I had some more to say.

All my classes are over and exams begin tomorrow. I am exempt from Principles of Education. It was the class that I thought I was least interested in but I’m glad Prof. Shepard thought “sister” “Foster no Forest” know something. Now I’ll have a better chance to study for Psych – and the rest on my list. I dread Psych and Food Prep and Physiology, but I wonder about Housewifery and Basketry.

Amy hasn’t decided whether she will go home between semesters or not. If she stays she wants me to go to the Student Body dance Wednesday evening. I don’t know whether I should go or not. I’d like to, just once, to see how I could get along – but I wonder if there are girls who are watching me, as Y.W. president, and whom my going would affect in any way. I like to dance with the girls here at the Hall but I never did enjoy dancing with the usual run of fellows who always asked me to dance. The good dancers never did ask me. That’s one reason why I quit dancing when I was a freshman. Another was that I couldn’t conscientiously do it as a member of the M.E. church when they disapproved of dancing. Since then they have taken broader view of it and do not prohibit dancing. Miss Frances dances and I can’t see as she is hurt any, nor does any one think any the less of her. I don’t know yet, just what I will do.

Monday, last, was a vacation day because of the Legislators making us work on Saturday night. Amy and I celebrated a hard days labor by going to the Crystal at night on Shae tickets. After the show we went to As &Ks for doughnuts and Fred Stutz told us to go to the bakery if we wanted fresh ones. We tried that once last year, and got scared of the dark alley and side doors at that time, but we decided to brave it again. We hunted up the bakery, the dark side door, the canvas hangings etc – and finally found ourselves inside the shop with a funny little dutchman. He asked our mission and we informed him as best we could. He didn’t have a bag but he did have a “paiper” so he wrapped them in the “paiper” ad Amy carried it. In the mea time a second white capped baker had appeared and when we showed an interest in the process of bread making, they insisted upon starting all the machinery for us and explaining it to us. It was very interesting but I can just imagine how horrified the Dean would have been could she have seen two of her “trusted juniors” alone in a bakery on a side street at ten o’ clock at night. It would make splendid “dope” for a reporter to work up for the Portland News or some other yellow sheet.

We have also planned to take a hike to Sulphur Springs if the weather is good between semesters. That is, of course, if Amy stays. I wouldn’t blame her if she didn’t. I’m sure I wouldn’t if I could afford to go home. She says she won’t stay if Al does, because I’ll be “fussing” all the time. Al may go to Salem – or eve Portland or he may stay. I’ve ceased to worry about whether he goes or stays. It’s fu to have some one take me out occasionally. I’d be lots more excited however if it was Mr. Hauffman. He has the grippe now – poor man - and is as blue as indigo. But it’s silly eve expecting him to look at me – altho I often wish he would.

It is nine twenty now – and I think I’ll try to go to bed early so I can get my Saturdays cleaing done I a reasonable time. I hope next semester I can get Mrs. Haights assistat-ship. That pays “20 – and isn’t such an early-rising job. But Mrs. Haight hasn’t said anything to me about the work at all. Cora Campbell told me that I was next in order if she didn’t take it – and she didn’t think she would. I hope she doesn’t change her mind.

Cora was re-elected president of Cauthorn Club this week. Katherine Howells and I were both nominated against her but we both worked for her among the girls so I think she received almost a unanimous vote.

I don’t know who is doing to be put up for Y.W. prexy in March. I can’t think of any girls who have been especially interested in the Association – just for its sake, this year. I’m sure I haven’t been a very good president or I could have interested more girls. It makes me awfully discouraged sometimes. Miss Frances says my discouragement is due to the fact that I think about myself too much and not enough about the girls, and I guess that is right. I wish I could get outside of myself for just a little while each day, at least, but some how I seem to be attached to “me” and can’t get loose. It isn’t a very attractive “me” either, when the search light is on.


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