Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

Febuary 12th, 1917

I should be studying but I’ve just come back from proctoring Eve and it doesn’t conducive to concentrated thought. That girl with be the death of me yet. She walks in the halls with her shoes o during study hour ad talks so we ca hear her all over the second floor, then she gets ad when I ask her to keep still.

I wish some of these girls could be head proctor a while – and they would be more considerate.

This is Lincoln’s birthday and I surely celebrated in fine style. I had my sewing lab in Albany! Which is to say, I went over to Albany in Rae Parton’s Stuart runabout, Amy was along too. We started down town to look for samples and patterns for our lingerie dresser but Rae suggested that we go to Albany to see what they had new over there. She said she would take us. We didn’t have any hats on so when we met Katherine and Esther we demanded their hair ribbons and went on our way rejoicing. We went over to Albany in fourty minutes – and the ten miles just flew by. We looked over all the summer goods we could find at both Worths and Hamiltons, then wet back to Hamiltons and each purchased a dress. We came back in just twenty-five minutes. Rae certainly “stepped on” that little car, for part of the time we came thirty-five per. The roads were good and it was just great riding – not too cold but bracing.

My poison oak is almost gone. It is drying up fine. I hope I don’t get more.

I had a most encouraging letter from home today. Papa has purchased, (in some mysterious way which wasn’t explained.) two cows, Holsteins, they are; and five mules and some machinery. It seems too good to be true that he is getting things fixed up that way. Then the hens are laying enough now so that they can take eggs in and sell them at the store in town. That helps. Then papa rented his land at Sweet Home to be tilled and has a deal partially closed with the paper mills for wood which will mean $1500.00 cash. Also there is news that Mr. Lundy has plans to buy a bank in Albany and give papa a place there. All of which sounds very different from our Christmas vacation “depths” or “clouds” or whatever they may be called. Here is hoping it may all be for the best. Poor Harriet has the poison oak now! I’ve ordered Dr. Howells to send her some of the poison oak pills she (Dr. H) has made herself. They have cured several people. I hope they cure Harriet.

Last week was really a lazy week as far as studying wet. I was scheduled on Monday so it left the rest of the week to do as I pleased ad report to my new classes. We didn’t have to stay in any of the classes any longer than to get the roll so I had plenty of leisure time. I fussed with Al more than I have in any month lately. It’s the funniest thing they way I treat him. Sometimes I just can’t stand to talk to him and when he asks me to go some where I won’t do it. I just say I don’t want to – and he takes it all good-naturedly and comes back again. (Most boys would get mad and never come back.) Then at other times when he asks, I think – “oh- whats the use of being so particular – even if he isn’t up to your standard. He ca take you out so you won’t be noticeably different from the other girls” – and them I tell him I’d “be glad to go.” I went to the Lyceum Friday night with him, but I made him sit in the rooters section and I sat with girls during the basket ball game with WSC afterwards. It was “safety first” for Dick Werner was calling out all the fussers at the games and I didn’t care for such notoriety. Al took me to church last night. We went to the Presbyterian church to hear Mr. Green – the new man, but I wasn’t particularly excited about him. He read his whole sermon.

Friday night our class at the Church is to have a joint Valentine party with the boys class. Archer Leach and I are the committee and it keeps me busy planning the stunts.

Mabelle was in for the week-end yesterday and reported that she had spanked one little fellow, already.

She finds it quite a big job – but she thinks she is going to like it.

I must go to bed now. I didn’t sleep very much last night. I had another case of “intro section” which showed “me” up to me and it wasn’t pleasant. It was simple the fact that Amy continues to sew etc. – on Sabbath. She says it can’t be helped because she was brought up differently than I. But I think she is old enough to know right from wrong and I had hoped she had learned that it was wrong to use the Sabbath for such things. But the worst part came when I asked the “why?” for it and found it at my own door. I haven’t lived as I should have or Amy would want to follow the same God I follow – or at least acknowledge Him. I think and know in fact that she believes some of these things but she won’t acknowledge it – nor will she take part in any service of the kind. Last night when I came home from church and found her sewing things where she left them it just made me sick. She came in, in a few minutes and found me crying and when she tried to comfort me I told her what the matter was. She just said she had been brought up differently and then left the room. In a few minutes I heard her and Katherine and Esther laughing upstairs and I can imagine their discussion of how silly I am etc, etc. It took until after noon yesterday to get Amy to say a voluntary work to me. If I asked her a question she would answer but never offered to open a conversation on her own accord. I never let on and finally she got over it. The trip to Albany broke the ice – and it is a little better now.

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