Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

January 14th, 1917

Another week of this “up early and to bed late,” but some how I’ve enjoyed it since I came back. I guess my vacation experience did me good. I realize my blessings and privileges more than I ever did – and I do so enjoy the splendid meals, the milk to drink – and a good bath, bed etc. The only thing that bothers is that the rest of the family aren’t having such good fare.

Things have been going about the same as usual except a little more pressure on class work than I usually so. Principles of Education had to be outlined by Wednesday and I only have five chapters out of the eighteen done. Food Prep outlines will be due soon as well as Housewifery. I haven’t worked in either subject lately. I stayed home from the Lyceum, Friday night and went to the library and studied the first time. I can ever remember of doing that since I have been in school. Last night Amy and I went to the League social at the church. Aaron Straught brought Amy home but I don’t know the fellows name who brought me home. It wasn’t Al Meiers of that I am sure. However I did go to church and League with him tonight. He wanted me to go walking this afternoon – but I had asked Amy to go to the Vesper services at Shepard held for Short Course Students, so I told him I couldn’t run my engagements in so close. I heard Winfield Scott Hall – the noted Sex Heigene Lecturer on “Immortality.” It was fine.


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