Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

December 4th, 1916

The last was written two weeks ago tonight and the lights went out before I finished the sentence. They are apt to go out in a few minutes now but I must set down a few things. We have had so many things happen that I don’t want to forget some of them.

Last week-end was the big game with Oregon here on our field. Lavina came down from Tacoma to spend the week-end with me and take in the game. Lawrence Russell took charge of her and she didn’t stay at the Hall much, so I didn’t have to pay so very much extra for her stay here. Not that I didn’t want her – but my check each month doesn’t allow for many extras. She went to Lila Dobell’s part of the time and Salem part of the time and home with me for Thanksgiving.

But before I get to the Thanksgiving I must speak of the game – a big defeat for us as far as score went, for we didn’t get any score and Oregon got 27, -- but OAC never showed so much spirit before. It was a grand sight to see the whole bleachers one sea of Orange rooters caps and orange banners. The girls came in for their share of the rooting too- perhaps that is why we seemed to me to have more spirit than usual. But others spoke of it too, so I know I wasn’t the only one who appreciated the girls being allowed to join in the Rooters songs. But it is all over now and we have only to look to next years game. When we will beat Oregon.

Now to Thanksgiving on the farm! Or ranch, for it is eight hundred acres! Lavina and I went together Wednesday morning and Harriet and papa met us at the train with Mehitable.

My impression and opinions of the place are varied – and numerous. I tell folks I like it – and I guess I do- in a way. But I’m a little like mother, I’ve gotten too used to city convenience to be broken into ranch life all at once – and do it gracefully. Last night when I wound myself into a knot in order to get into a washtub to take my bath, and couldn’t find any water after I got in, I decided I’d be glad for a real bath tub again. And I’m sure mother would.

And the mud! Goodness you can’t step off the path but what you step into mud – mud – everywhere and papa has to splash thru it, and evade it all the time in and around the barn, and they always have to drive thru it to and from town. I don’t wonder Harriet got rubber boots. I told the folks I wanted my Xmas present to be rubber boots too. But there are nice things and perhaps I should be brave and optimistic like Harriet and think of them all the time. They have fixed up the place real cozy inside, and the fireplaces make the rooms look so cheery, and when the house is painted on the outside it will be a fine looking place. Then there are the pretty trees and hills, and the pony to ride, and the milk to drink - with real cream. Oh! I guess there is plenty to be thankful for.

And there is John Bretz the nice neighbor man. He is so strange a person that it takes a Sherlock Holmes to fathom him. He brought his sister Tillie up to see us last night and talked tractors and cows etc, to dad all evening. He is well-read and a good talker. He has a good saddle horse he promised to let me ride – so that is one thing to look forward to at Christmas time.

I came back this morning so that I could come part way with Lavina, and save the folks an extra trip in thru the mud and rain. I guess it is a good thing I did for the electric is out of commission tonight and Amy hasn’t arrived yet, and it is now 11:05 PM. I imagine she will stay until morning now. I must go to bed for my long pull of cleaning begins again at 5:30 AM. I’ve been sleeping so long at home I won’t know how to act to get up so early.

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