Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

Febuary 25th, 1917

This has been a funny week. It has been broken up by Washington’s birthday so that Friday seemed as if it should be Saturday and Saturday and extra day. Washington’s birthday was celebrated by having fried eggs for breakfast. It was so unusual that I must make a note on it so I wont forget it. I also celebrated by washing my hair – and ironing. Then I went to the Faculty Minstrel with Al in the evening. The Minstrel was pretty good. At least it has served as a topic for conversation a good many times since then.

Yesterday was the big day. I stayed home the night before and did part of my cleaning in order to get to clay modeling class on time. The Juniors were out snow balling every body who came along and I could see them from where I worked and I didn’t want to stay in at all. They were taking stunt pictures but I didn’t get out in time for that. I did join the bunch, at noon, at the Gym for hot-dog sandwiches and coffee. Then the fun began. We danced in our old togs – boots, Junior “cords” middies etc, so no one could feel formal. All the dances were very informal from the first step to the last “germania.” I was supposed to be back at Cauthorn at three to help serve team at the Y.W. tea the girls were giving. Katherine was too. But we were having such a good time that we phoned to Cora to get some one to fill our places till we got there. I finally felt conscious stricken for shirking duty for pleasure and skipped out about three thirty. I ran all the way home, took a bath, changed all my clothes, combed my hair, and was down stairs at five minutes to four, smiling my sweetest at our tea guests. Such is life –


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