Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

October 25th, 1916

Lots of exciting things have happened since I wrote here last.

I went home on the Special Saturday morning to go to the game, and incidentally say goodbye to “home”. I have always loved that home in Portland and somehow I feel sorry to think of leaving it. It doesn’t seem, either, as if I was leaving it although mother and the girls talked of moving and packing all the time, and papa’s letters seem so sure of it. He is to go home today, pack up and plan to leave Saturday. None of the neighbors knew it until after I got home, so they were all surprised. I am all in a muddle about what to do this coming Saturday. Eugene U of O wants us to play hockey and they haven’t let us know whether they want the game here or in Eugene. If it is in Eugene I will be there if the folks came down, and I’d like to stay over and go out to the farm. But there is a Halloween party at Shepard Hall Saturday night, and, as Mr. Hauffman says, there’s “bigger beans to fry” there. Besides Dr. Leech has asked me to help Sabbath morning in Communion service. I’m at a loss to know what to do. Then too I did want to enter the decorated fruit basket contest in the show and if I do I have to get my fruit this Saturday morning. It never rains but it pours!

But about the game. I surprised the folks and got Mildred and Harriet to go with me altho it cost me a dollar a piece, and I think it was worth it. I never had a more exciting time at any game. “Tuffy” Conn made himself a hero by making a 101 yard dash for a touchdown. He is only a freshman, and I hope he works up without getting the big head.

The final score was 17-7 is favor of Nebraska, but it was such a splendid game that I wasn’t a bit ashamed of the result. Doc Stuart I suppose is proud of the Nebraska team, but I know Coach Pipal is proud of OAC’s team.

We are having simply grand weather. This is the 46th day according to the Oregonian for clear weather, and three days over the record breaker for 1885 or some time way back there. I hope it keeps up until after Saturday and the game.

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