Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

October 18th, 1916

It wasn’t just talk about having vacation Monday. Prexy gave us from three to six to celebrate and we did it in fine style. Dick Werner had charge and we all gathered around the band stand to listen to speeches and yells and sing songs. Then the band, some of the girls and almost all of the boys marched down and back. When they got back some of the rooks had cleared the walk in front of the Ag. Building and everybody danced to band music for a half an hour. Katherine and I watched from the Economics room. After that we all went over to the athletics field and watched the boys practice until six o clock. We practiced songs and the boys gave yells until everyone began to feel rather enthusiastic for the Nebraska game. I wish I could go home for it. I got a letter from mother yesterday and another from Harriet today saying that they might move to the farm near Eugene soon. If they do that I won’t get a chance to go to Portland again, and I’d like mighty well to see the place and the folks there again. I don’t know whether I’m enthusiastic about moving at this time of year or not. But I suppose if daddy can straighten out finances better that way, that I ought not object. I do hope, if they go, that mother won’t have to work as hard as she used to on the farm.

I had a dandy talk with Mr. Hauffman today. I like him. He’s a real man.


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