Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

October 30th, 1916

Good weather is over! It is raining “cats and dogs” outside, and the wind is blowing till the windows rattle. It kept away, however until after the game was over Saturday, but Saturday night it just seemed as if the elements had held in as long as they could and they just exploded. This old Hall just rattled and shook from attic to cellar and doors and windows banged everywhere. I was so tired I couldn’t sleep much but I did pretty well under the circumstances. I was tired as a result of a “big” day. “Big” should be spelled with a capital “B” for it was a big one in more ways than one. Friday night we heard that Oregon was to play on our field Saturday morning, so I had to plan my work accordingly. After I came home from the “College Night” (Al brought me home) I took a bath and went to bed. But I had to get up at five thirty in order to get my work done before breakfast. The Saturdays work isn’t any snap, and I was just about ready to drop at breakfast time, but I hadn’t finished. I was working at it after breakfast, hurrying to get through when Mrs. Haight came to my rescue and asked to do the dusting for me, so that I wouldn’t be so tired for the game. She was so nice about it that I let her do it and went for another bath before dressing for the game. I took my basket to get my fruit for the Hort Show, then went to the gym where the Oregon girls had already arrived. We went to the field at ten and it was twelve-thirty before the game was over. It was supposed to be four, fifteen-minute quarters but every time we would get down near our goal, Oregon would call time to rest, and we didn’t get much chance to play a straight fifteen-minute quarter for the first half. The second half was better. They seemed to get their wind better. Katherine Howell and I got ours - all there was of it - from Mrs. Seeley during the rest between halves. She came to us just worked up, said she was ashamed of the way we were playing and we ought to be, and ought to be ashamed to wear our letters, and if (OAC, we) lost the game Mrs. Nelson had said it would be because we lost it, since we hadn’t been faithful in practice. It was plain to see that it was Mrs. Nelson back of it, crass because we hadn’t given up Y.W. and Home Economics work for hockey. If she should look at our schedules she could see that the presidents of those organizations weren’t being any less faithful than they have permitted. But anyway, Katherine and I had given every ounce in us during the first half, and just because we weren’t on the side of the field next to her, she couldn’t see what we were doing. During the next half she praised us a good deal, but I didn’t take it because I didn’t do any better then, than I had done in the first half. It was just because we were on her side where she could see us that she tho’t is was better. Zetta Bush made all the goals (5 in number) for us and she, with Fay Armstrong were praised in the Oregonian yesterday for their wonderful work. I am glad I didn’t have Fay as my wing, for she played out of her position most of the time and went clear in to Nellie Paulson’s place so that Nellie couldn’t have played team work if she had been given the chance. Katherine and I got along splendidly in team work for we were backed up by Ruby Thomas in the half back line and depended on her for all the balls.

When the game was over and the score stood 5-0 in our favor I was really surprised , for I didn’t think it could be done by our team.

We had dinner for both teams and subs and Cauthorn. After dinner I excused myself and went to the library to look up for Halloween stunts.

Florence Burchtold was to have done it, but she couldn’t because they were to have a party or something at the Alpha Chi Omega house that night. After that, I spent until six helping decorate and put things in readiness for the evening. Mr. Guthrie had charge for the Y.M. and he was a real cheerful man for the occasion considering that all his committee deserted him.

I went back in the evening to the party and tried my best to be agreeable- but I fear it wasn’t much of a success. I was so tired I couldn’t be very attractive to anyone but I did my best. I had to stay in the “Fate” room (Miss Francis office) and show folks how to discover their fortunes etc. He had a big pan of water standing in front of the window for the folks to bob for apples. During the last part of the evening some one came up from the outside of the window and tipped the pan of water over. It first flooded the whole place, besides soaking Otis Wilson’s trousers and Amy’s dress, who were nearest when it happened.

I finally managed to crawl home with Al Meyers aid- and at midnight I finally closed my eyes on the weariest day I had spent in many moons.

During the game one of the Oregon girls hit me just above the eye with her stick and now I have a black eye.

The folks didn’t come thru Saturday because papa didn’t get home when he expected to. Now the rain has started, I don’t suppose they will stop when they do go down. It would have been nice if they could have arrived at the new home when the sun was shining in order that it wouldn’t seem so dreary. I imagine it will be awfully dreary now down there. I hope Harriet and mother don’t die of lonesomeness.

We are having a series of lectures on sex by Dr. Mabel Ulrich at the Girls Gym this week. I’m not so awfully crazy about them but as Dean Fawcett says “knowledge means power,” I suppose I should avail myself of this opportunity to gain knowledge. It made me lose another Cabinet meeting and I don’t know when I can find time for another one.

I’m awfully sleepy tonight. I think I’ll try to go to bed early. I hope Amy doesn’t have a fire drill.


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