Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

January 20th, 1917

It is almost time for the lights to go out. I’ve been to so many things this week-end that I don’t want to forget them by failing to record them.

Yesterday the State Legislature visited the College and Monday’s classes were put back to Saturday in order that they could see us in “working order”. We are wanting a Library so that old room in the Ad building was crowded to its limit when they came to visit us. At night the D.S. girls five them a banquet and I helped serve. I was on my feet from four thirty to nine, serving – then I went to the basket ball game for the last few minutes and walked part way home with Mabelle Davis. It was about eleven when I got into bed. – Dead –

We have beaten Oregon twice in basket ball this week-end – 25-14; 29-10. I wish we could do it in foot ball.

I had a letter from home saying they had their first egg from their hens, so really the tide must have turned. Dad has gone to Portland to see if he can get some money, or a loan on the Leabonen land.


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