Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

July 15th, 1917

I have had “more” of Al. Three letters, this week. Some way his first letter he wrote after he went back from visiting was way-layed and I didn’t get it for almost a week. But when I did get it it was worth it. He is still pretty conservative but when he closed he asked if he might close “with love.” And the strange part of it was that I was glad – and didn’t resent it a bit. Somehow – I like him more in spite of myself. At times I just fight it and say I’m lowering my standard to fit him and still I can’t see it that way all the time.

This morning he called long distance from Salem to ask me to phone to Dick Williams and tell him to go to Salem today. When he spoke – his voice sounded so kind over the phone – that I liked it. I was hoping he was going to say he would come down to see me today – but he didn’t.

Jack has another attraction now. Amy saw him at Chautauqua last night and the night before with a girl – homely but with pretty curls down her back. I’m sorry for Amy. She put his picture in the silver frame on the dresser – just for fun – and now she would take it out I guess – if she thought it wouldn’t look too foolish.

Chautauqua is taking Amy from me these days. I couldn’t afford to buy a ticket so I have to stay at home while she goes with Lizzie Dyson and Jo Hammond. We had two days vacation last week in order that the teachers who wanted to could go to the NEA at Portland. Amy and I spent them having a good time. We played tennis – and bath afternoon. Jo and Lizzie went with us and we went swimming in Mary’s River. The water is fine and it has been so hot that the bath was welcome.

Last night after supper it was so hot the girls went out again but I sat on the bank and entertained my grandmother. Today it was just dreadful hot and I willfully and intentionally stayed home from church and went out to sit on the rivers “brink” this afternoon when the girls went swimming again, But I didn’t get cool – even there and I’m just not getting cool. There is a honest – true sure enough cool breeze blowing now - so I think I’ll take my letters to the post office. I have written one to Avery Roberts today which is almost a year since his to me. I suppose he is still in Alaska. At lease that is where I am sending it.

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