Bernice Forest Diary, 1916 - 1917

January 7th, 1917

I am going back to school this morning. My train leaves at 11:05 and I get into Corvallis at 1:15 PM. Hope I get there in time to slip in for a bite of dinner.

Cauthorn 10 PM

I didn’t get here in time for dinner so I waited until tea time. Gladys was here and I visited in her room for a while, then wrote to Hazel to thank her for the $5.00 I found waiting for me from her. I also wrote a short “thank you” note to Homer Aker for his Xmas card and then went to Shepard to look over the mail there, and call Miss Frances. While there I had quite a chat with Mr. Huffman. He asked to see me after church then remembered that he had promised to sing in the M.E. South chior – and had to take it back. But he said – “well, it won’t always be so” – I hope not. Am expecting Amy any minute now. Lots of the girls are back already. Katherine is upstairs unpacking now. Guess I’ll go up and join her.


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