Recollections of My Life and Reflections on Times and Events During It: A Memoir by Father W. J. Howlett

Other Writings by Father W. J. Howlett

          Father Howlett wrote many other works besides his own memoir, many of which he mentioned in his memoir. He wrote biographies and collected writings of other priests, and he wrote a tribute to the seminary he attended. Most of his works were closely connected to people or places he had personal experiences with and were connected with his vocation as a priest. This page provides a short description of his other available works and links of where to access those works.

A Fortuitous Find of Some Letters of Ira B. Dutton, The Brother Joseph of The Lepers of Molokai
          This work is a collection of Ira B. Dutton's, “Brother Joseph,” letters who worked with lepers in Molokai, Hawaii. This man was not a priest or a Brother, but he did stay at a monastery for some time as a postulant and a novice. The letters provide some insight into how he found himself with the Lepers of Molokai and his work there. Father Howlett copied these letters and provided an introduction of Ira B. Dutton and Howlett’s own intention of the work, short explanations of some of the letters, and a very brief conclusion to the letters.

Bishop Flaget's Diary (Published in three parts)
Bishop Flaget's Diary

Bishop Flaget's Diary (Continued)
Bishop Flaget's Diary (Conclusion)

          This work was published in three installments, which is why there are three separate links. Father Howlett once again provided an introduction of Bishop Flaget and the format and contents of the diary entries. While Bishop Flaget was before Father Howlett’s time, they were connected by Saint Thomas Seminary, which Bishop Flaget helped found. Bishop Flaget was born in 1763 and died in 1850, and the diary entries are all from 1812. The diary itself was mostly composed of very brief daily entries that were only a line or two long. The repetition found in the diary reveals the life of a missionary on the western frontier just prior to the time of Father Howlett. The diary was marked most by disagreements with the priest, Father Badin. Father Howlett provided context to this conflict and emphasizes their good intentions and eventual friendship, yet allows the readers to judge based on the diary entries as well.

Historical Tribute to St. Thomas’ Seminary at Poplar Neck, near Bardstown, Kentucky
          Father Howlett wrote a historical tribute to the seminary he attended, St. Thomas’ Seminary. This historical tribute contains both the history of the seminary as well as his and others’ recollections of the seminary. It shows how full of life the seminary was at times, from its opening in 1811 to its closing in 1869. Father Howlett explained the related institutions and religious history of the area.  He also discussed the other uses of the Seminary, even beyond its final days in 1869.

Life of the Right Reverend Joseph P. Machebeuf, D.D.
          This is a biography of the Bishop Machebeuf.  Father Howlett personally knew Bishop Machebeuf, but this biography goes far beyond his personal experience with him. The book is an extensive look into his life and role in the Catholic faith on the western frontier. It is accompanied by Machebeuf’s personal letters. Bishop Matz expressed the heart of the work best: “You have rescued from oblivion the life, virtues and heroism of the saintly Bishop Machebeuf—the Apostle of Colorado… my heart filled with enthusiasm for your hero, over flowing with admiration for his sanctity and zeal, and with a determination to emulate his great virtues as far as may be within my power.”

Life of Rev. Charles Nerinckx: Pioneer Missionary of Kentucky and Founder of the Sisters at the Foot of the Cross
          This biography was about Father Nerinckx, an important pioneer missionary in Kentucky who lived from 1761 to 1824. Father Howlett also had a personal connection to him, because he preceded him as a priest in Kentucky and was a founder of the Sisters of Loretto. Father Howlett explained that there had been previous biographies done of Charles Nerinckx, which he indeed referred to, but used this biography to add information from documents recently discovered and provide more context to the historical details surrounding his life and labors.

W. J. Howlett papers, [191-?]-1933
          These papers are only available at the Denver Public Library, and include a variety of other writings related to Father Howlett.

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