Embodying Japan: Cultures of Sport, Beauty, and Medicine 2017

Feminine Desire in Japan as an Agent of Social Change

Heterosexual women in Japan are increasingly seeking husbands that do not fit the traditional (stereotypical) ideal of the strong, stoic, and strict Japanese male that has been the traditionally preferred mate and instead seeking a man who is more "effeminate", sensitive, and kind. This has driven a change in men's fashion as well as a shift in men's working habits. One example of this is seen in the rise of Host Clubs where women are able to spend their disposable income acquired in jobs outside the home in an effort to woo and be wooed by this new desirable male. The video below shows the interactions of these new women and men, while pointing out that the traditional patriarchal machinations still hold tight on the psyche and behaviors of heterosexual Japanese relationships. While it's long, it gives a very interesting look into the practice of host clubs and how feminine desire is driving styles and behavior.

Despite the hype, these host clubs have a negative effect on the men that get involved with them. While the toll on women who are preyed upon is arguably worse, it is important to note that no one wins with this model.

While this is not meant to be critical of women gaining agency over their sexual desire, it is the most readily accessible aspect of the topic and displays the ways in which feminine desire can manipulate the commodification of sexuality in both men and women.

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