#29: interrupt the narrative

In “10 WAYS TO BE A FEMINIST MEDIA ACTIVIST” Feminist Frequency recommends: “While it can be some of the most challenging work, interrupting the status quo and talking to friends and family members about sexist attitudes can have a big impact. Use media that you all engage with together as a starting point.”
Feminist Frequency’s Downloadable Guide’s #9 reads: “SUPPORT FEMINIST MEDIA. Bust the myth that feminist media is 'un-sellable' or unwanted. Find great, positive examples of feminist media and spread the word. Take part in campaigns and back exciting projects. Refuse to accept that media doing feminism can’t be funded.” Please enjoy (and support!) Jen Richard’s Emmy nominated Her Story.
#2 suggests: “EDUCATE YOURSELF. The feminist conversation isn’t new; it’s ongoing, building on important work that great feminist thinkers and writers have done over the past few decades. Be sure to read feminist theory that focuses on intersectional perspectives.” Rhys Ernst‘s We’ve Been Around series is a great media resource to learn the links between feminism, civil rights and trans activism (and see more below).
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"Battle for the Truth" By Mya Rigoli

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