#56, subversion through grinning; learn truths from radical black artists who lived through civil rights

This #100hardtruths was shared with me by my friend, the filmmaker Stephen Winter:
Enjoy learning the truth about and from Scatman Crothers: actor, singer, seer, subversive middle-finger-holder.

As we enter a despotic future that will reduce the escapist concept of “pure entertainment” to ashes, take time to appreciate some black performing artists of the 20th Century who began their careers before Civil Rights yet lived to a grand old age where their barely concealed rage and voracious versatile talents were given a platform to haunt and inspire audiences through today. Since these are histories that are regulated to the margins, it takes some exploring to find their full stories, and you’ll have to wade through the sometimes completely wrongheaded biases of the (mostly white) documentarians, but that’s part of the “fun”!

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To see a poetic response to this hardtruth:

how do we best make fun of power?

Stephen Winter reads this poetic response to hardtruth #56:

Stephen Winter reads "how do we best make fun of power?"

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