#30, every single tweak in an algorithm can make a change

The winner of HackPrinceton 2016 is FiB: “Let’s stop living a lie.”

FiB says: “In the current media landscape, control over distribution has become almost as important as the actual creation of content, and that has given Facebook a huge amount of power. The impact that Facebook newsfeed has in the formation of opinions in the real world is so huge that it potentially affected the 2016 election decisions, however these newsfeed were not completely accurate. Our solution? FiB because With 1.5 Billion Users, Every Single Tweak in an Algorithm Can Make a Change, and we don’t stop at just one.”

These resources were collected by Lisa Hirschfield who writes: “A number of fake news-flagging browser extensions have been developed to work with Facebook (in addition to the measures Zuckerberg vowed to take). It’s a great idea but of course the elephant in the room is even deeper browser integration with your Facebook feed and reading habits, especially with Chrome/Google … Beyond what they might glean from our browsing habits and Facebook feeds, do these browser extensions also open the door for an organization/institution/someone else’s judgement to insinuate itself into our personal critical apparatus?”

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