#21: focus on trust, verification, fact checking, and reader experience

"Misinformation, and increasingly disinformation, is distorting the public’s ability to make sense of the world around them, threatening the democratic process around the globe. While not a new phenomenon, the problem is compounded by both the speed that information travels in our networked world, and the technological and cultural “filter bubbles” that we live our lives in. This problem impacts everyone.” Jeanne Brooks, James GearyBurt HermanJenny 8. LeePhillip Smith, and Claire Wardle
#MisinfoCon is a community of people focused on the challenge of misinformation and what can be done to address it. The gathering seeks to strengthen the trustworthiness of information across the entire news ecosystem: journalism, platform, community, verification, fact checking and reader experience.

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it's about xenophobia, racism, and sexism

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