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Field Guides to Food

Local Food

If an item suggests that food should be both produced and consumed in the same place, its employs the value of “local food". Alternatively, items that call into question the conceptual limitations of “place” may fit into this category. 
As observed in the CURA 2013 food narrative, "It is important to note that local is defined in context: there is not one agreed-upon definition. In some efforts and to some people, it may encompass food that is produced, processed, and consumed within a city or county, while in another effort, local may include food systems contained within a multi-state region. In addition, the goal may not be complete independence from non-local systems. As David Syring says, 'Current interest in local food, and calls for public support for local food, emerge as means of democratizing the playing field for food production. The idea is not to replace all industrial-scale food production, but to enhance the range of options for policies that support diverse approaches to food production.' (2012, p. 12)"

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