#89, ten (more!) superhardtruths about #100hardtruths (certainly not) needed

As the completion of this project looms—perversely aligned as it is and must be with the administration’s first 100 destructive, confusing, harrowing days with which it entwines—I find less that I might still need to say about #fakenews (what with 88 previous posts and a decline of interest due to the only-to-be-anticipated viral-collapse of this topic), and only more I seem to need to clarify about the previous #89hardtruths, themselves intended to clarify. That is to say, the project becomes ever-more complex as it grows in scale (a cumulative consequence of its internet construction where even its 100 small things quickly become an unaccountably large one), and becomes as cumbersome, complex and multiple as it is clarifying. Now imagine that I am entwined with his 100 days, that also bear a similar logic, format, and tempo yet accompanied by money, weapons, an entire administration, and out-n-out lying…

No wonder I have grown increasingly nihilistic. Haven’t you? The real-world violence I had projected in early days as a necessary consequence of internet representational tom-foolery has manifested most recently in some horrible superhardtruths: this week’s release first of missiles and then, the mother of all bombs. I’m left here, as are we all, in the digital fragments building yet another totem of “truths”—10 more superhardtruths in fact—from the debris:

Superhardtruth #1: the corporate-state-media muscle of the internet hides in plain sight below a sea of participatory good ‘n plenty only to manifest as real power, violence and control on demand
Superhardtruth #2: clown time is over
Superhardtruth #3: short, fast and fun will be the death of us, or at least some

Superhardtruth #4: virality is virility
Superhardtruth #5: our tiny contributions cascade into the mother of all bombs

Superhardtruth #6: #fakenews r us

Superhardtruth#7: internet self-reflexivity leads to corrosive mimicry
Superhardtruth #8: people need time to ponder so they can be truly ethical and thoughtful

Superhardtruth #9: people need people
Superhardtruth #10: people need art and complexity

Superhardconclusion: people make the internet. and bombs. and #fakenews. and poetry and song and community. Only we have the power to know and do better.

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