#68, digital self-defense in the time of trump needed

Following close on the heels of #100hardtruths #67, by Jacque Wernimont, I now share the work of Equality Labs, “the first South Asian Women/Gender Non-Conforming/Trans Technology Startup.” They have created a series of curriculum and one sheets to help activists around the US help better prepare to protect their privacy rights during the Trump Administration.
“We Believe that the right to privacy, assemble, and free speech are threatened by global surveillance by countries around the world. We support activists around the world to help them protect themselves and establish secure communications, devices, and network access.”
“We believe artist belong at the table of change. Artists through socially engaged art help to inspire, build community, and make a heart connection to the issues that matter the most. Our art projects impact communities through both process and product.”

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Technology is a Weapon

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