#6: today’s fixes to fake news are bogus

Today’s saccharine hand-wringing and the too-late fixes erupting from the mouthpieces for the corporatemedia, and political interests responsible for this mess are as bogus as Lonelygirl15.
Lonelygirl15 was one of the first viral sensations of the early days of YouTube, a very popular video-blogger. Quite late into her fame, she was exposed as a fake produced by a professional production company (the better to please you, my pretty). In writing about the early days of YouTube, I explained that one effect of early viewers knowing that core YouTube fare might be or even was probably faked was a cynical (if “fun”) mode of reception definitive of the medium and its moment: that everything was fake, or at least could be. While a converse response to this universal media skepticism has found itself today in a twee return to the sincere (and even sometimes a sincere return to the sincere), this heartfelt search for trust sits in stark relief against the seedy untruths that litter the internet stage.
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