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Quality of Life and a Sense of Place in Southeast Minnesota (summary & metadata)

From the Executive Summary:
This report summarizes recent trends and developments in one area of economic development that is dependent on continued high quality of life: heritage tourism. Heritage tourism--defined most generally as attracting visitors to an area because of the natural and historic qualities of the place--would seem to be a good fit with the scenic qualities and rural lifestyles of Southeastern Minnesota. To a degree, this is true, and there are important programs already underway in this area. But it is important to note that in some cases tourism, whether termed "heritage" or not, can result in dramatic, unwanted changes in the place that visitors are coming to see.
This report is an overview, a road map if you will, of issues, concerns, and practices as they pertain to heritage tourism in Southeast Minnesota. The basic question the study addresses is:
Can sustainable heritage tourism be developed in such a way that economic development goals are reached without incurring unwanted changes in lifestyle and "sense of place"?
The report explores this question by developing two lines of inquiry. The first summarizes and surveys current trends and developments in heritage tourism in the Southeast Minnesota region. The second highlights some current practices, programs, and principles from outside the region. Analysis of the trends and case studies highlights success already taking place as well as points to opportunities for still greater sustainable development.

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