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Farmers Market Model Research (summary & metadata)

Many farmers' markets rely heavily on volunteers. This is and will continue to be no exception for the Kingfield Farmers' Market as it moves from a neighborhood organization supported event to a volunteer run operation. The Kingfield Farmers Market committee is working through it's organizational structure, such as finding a fiscal agent and becoming a non-profit organization. This report does not cover the details of becoming a non-profit organization. It will, however, describe considerations for a volunteer managed farmers' market and other markets that have had volunteer beginnings. Simply put, the Kingfield Farmers Market has great potential to be an excellent host for community events and connections by providing a strong, diverse and well managed farmers market focused on the quality of relationships with vendors, supporting businesses and individuals. To decrease the likelihood of burnout and fatigue, the market needs can manage the market as a volunteer run operation so long as additional events and sidelines efforts are minimized. Finding partners to run events are likely the most viable option for the market at this time.

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