Colorado Fuel and Iron: Company Mines

New Castle Coal Mine

Location: Garfield County, Colorado
Years of Operation: 1888-1899
Total Production (tons): 1,123,863


The New Castle Mine was created by the Grand River Coal & Coke Company in 1888. The land of the New Castle mine were located directly off of the Colorado Midland Railroad, close to the City of New Castle in Garfield County.  The sunk shaft was 386 feet deep that intersected on five separate coal seems. On June 30th of 1899, The New Castle Mine suffered an explosion and then caught fire. Although this prevented further mining directly at the New Castle mine the New Castle Mine continued to provide coal through an adjacent mine with the name of Coryell. Coal removed from New Castle through the Coryell Mine operated from 1906 until 1909. The coal claimed  from the New Castle Mine during those three years amounted to 396,694 tons. All the coal from both the New Castle and Coryell mines were not used for Coke according to documentation, but was sold directly to the Railroad, or as heating fuel.


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