Colorado Fuel and Iron: Company Mines

Christopher J. Schreck

My name is Chris Schreck and I'm a Colorado Native. I have a Bachelor's Degree in History from Colorado State University-Pueblo (CSUP), a Master's Degree in History from the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs (UCCS), and I'm a Certified Archivist who is currently working at the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. I moved to Pueblo from the Denver area in 2012 to attend CSUP, which is where I became acquainted with, and soon fascinated by, southern Colorado's unique history. I was also introduced to online exhibit production as a student there, and came to realize the opportunities that historians and archivists have using modern technology to understand and interpret past events. 

I began working as a volunteer and an intern at the Steelworks Center of the West in 2013. In 2014 I completed a number of research projects working from their archives, and I was hired to manage those archives after graduation in 2015. I worked there for nearly three years, the last of which I spent in the role of Interim Executive Director. I left the Steelworks Center in 2018 to pursue a Master's Degree, but I have continued my volunteer work there in the years since. I currently work as an Archivist in the Clark Special Collections at the U.S. Air Force Academy, but I'm still fascinated by the industrial and cultural history of the American Southwest.     

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