Colorado Fuel and Iron: Company Mines

Brookside Coal Mine (Rockvale No. 7)

Location: Fremont County, Colorado
Years of Operation: 1896-1910
Total Production (tons): 1,498,500


The Bookside mine also known as Rockvale #7 was located roughly five miles southeast of Canon City, Colorado.  It connected with a Branch of the AT&SF railroad. Brookside was initially opened and operated by the Canon City Coal Company which leased the mine to CF&I in August of 1896. CF&I opened the CSCo store in September of that year.

The CSCo Store closed in February of 1908 and its' stock was sent to the Rockvale store. CF&I operated the the site until June of 1910, and then the site was leased to the Brookside Coal Company for the next nine years.

Production from the mine was considered small after 1910, where most of the coal was sold to the "Wagon trade".  In 1919 the mine was leased to an Operation named Vezzeti & Moschetti who operated the mine until 1922 when it was closed.


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