Colorado Fuel and Iron: Company Mines

Credits and Acknowledgements

Coordinates of mines were compiled by Megan Hedberg and Chris Schreck. Pictures, oral histories, and maps are all from the CF&I archives unless otherwise noted. H. Lee Scamehorn's books Pioneer Steelmaker in the West: The Colorado Fuel and Iron Company 1872-1903  and Mill & Mine: The CF&I in the Twentieth Century were invaluable resources for the histories of mines and for their tonnage and production years. CF&I Coal Mines & Coke Ovens published by the Bessemer Historical Society was also an invaluable resource for research on the mines. 

The high resolution edited mine maps were compiled and edited by Todd Antonson. Trevor Cardenas sifted through the archives and uploaded the bulk of the pictures on this Scalar. This project began in Spring 2015 by Chris Schreck and Megan Hedberg as a separate project for the CF&I archives. It was continued by Megan Hedberg, Trevor Cardenas, and Todd Antonson for the Fall 2015 semester. Continued development is maintained by Chris Schreck.  

We would like to thank the following people for their contributions and their support:

Dr. John Harner for consulting with us on Global Information Systems (GIS) and giving us a foot in the door in tying geography to historical research.

Sara Szakaly for her work as an archivist at CF&I and her help getting this project find its beginnings.

Tim Hawkins for loaning his personal copy of Mill and Mine and making excellent suggestions on finding things in the archives as well approving the project for use for the archives.

Chris Schreck for his help in the archives as the Archives Manager and going above and beyond in finding what we needed, and for being as enthusiastic as we were. 

Megan Hedberg for her ceaseless efforts to continue expanding the project with new information concerning new mines, coordinates, and tonnages. She has been an invaluable asset to the continued growth of the database's structure.

Dr. Jonathon Rees for letting us pretty much have free reign in designing and executing this project and having faith in the final product.