Alex Juhasz responds in Podcast form to "Look Deeper into the Migrant Experience"

We engage in radical digital media literacy by enjoying a bite of education and a bit of poetry, creating humane responses to fake news and social media in the era of Covid-19.

In this episode, we focus on strategies to be truthful about the experiences of migrants from Central and South America during the cascading hostilities of the Trump administration. Lies and technologies—art and honesty—have material effects. We think about these relations by considering #100hardtruth Number 31, Look Deeper Into The Migrant Experience, created for the 2017 digital media literacy primer. It focuses on an art show State of Exception/Estado de Excepción which "presented traces of the human experience—objects left behind in the desert by undocumented migrants on their journey into the U.S. and other forms of data," all collected as part of the research of University of Michigan anthropologist Jason De León’s Undocumented Migration project. Then we hear the empowering connections mapped between Jason and a poet from the Manhattan-based collective for disabled poets, Poets of Course. Mike G shared his truths about migration, as poems, with the Fake News Poetry project, and then also with Jason, vivid reminders of the lived and material consequences that stem from lies and falsehoods exacerbated by our digital engagements.


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See this original hardtruth:

hardtruth #31 Look Deeper into the Migrant Experience

See the poetic response to hardtruth #31:

Government Lies Now

Jason De León responds to and reads the poetic response to hardtruth #31:

Jason De León responds to and reads Mike G's poem "Government Lies Now"

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