Alex Juhasz's Podcast "Black Lives Matter: Make Manifest the Contingency of the Social

We engage in radical digital media literacy by enjoying a bite of education and a bit of poetry, creating humane responses to fake news and social media in the era of Covid-19.

This episode was made quickly during a time of uprising following the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other African Americans by police. It connects to two #100HardTruths: Black Lives Matter (#44), and Make Manifest the Contingency of the Social (#96).

Writer and educator Stacie Evans reads her poem “because there will be no chance to say it then,” elucidating the quiet ways — “hey” — she expresses her rage, disbelief, and humanity as a black woman in America. She talks with Laura Wexler, Yale University Professor of American Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies. Their conversation unearths contradictions between manifest and contingency, solidity and uncertainty, protest and poetry, black and white Americans, and the hard and gentle truths we need for now. And they stay Stacie's name, as well as that of Sandra Bland and Gynnya McMillen. "If I die in police capacity, know that whatever story the police tell you is a lie. Know that because you know me. Say, that's not what Stacy would do. Then go out in the street and say my name." .

Join us! #Sayhername: https://aapf.org/sayhername. See a video that Stacie and Laura collaborated on together at a Fake News Poetry Workshop on Race in the Media held in New Haven, CT, based on another of Stacie’s poems, “Anomolous,” here: http://fakenews-poetry.org/media/new-haven.html.

Read or respond to a poem or hardtruth found at the online primer of digital media literacy, #100hardtruths-#fakenews or fakenews-poetry.org. Organize your own Fake News Poetry Workshop. Reach out with questions or content @ 100hardtruths@gmail.com. Twitter: @100HardTruths Instagram: @100HardTruths YouTube: 100 Hard Truths #BlackLivesMatter

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hardtruth #96, make manifest the contingency of the social

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#44, black lives matter

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Black Lives Matter

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