#31: look deeper into the migrant experience

According to a press release from The New School/Parsons, their show State of Exception/Estado de Excepción “presents traces of the human experience—objects left behind in the desert by undocumented migrants on their journey into the U.S. and other forms of data, all collected as part of the research of University of Michigan anthropologist Jason De León’s Undocumented Migration project. De León’ sees the materials as fragments of a history, revealing death, trauma, and suffering on both sides of the border while bringing to light complexities of the migrant experience.”
“Now, more than ever, in the aftermath of a presidential campaign that fed off anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric, it is absolutely critical to look deeper into the migrant experience and raise questions as to what the future may hold for the thousands of people fleeing dire poverty, drug cartel violence, and political instability to the south.”
Photographs and other forms of evidence that flow effortlessly and in abundance across the internet as the truths that build fake news and its very real violent manifestations, demand material depth for greater substantiation, authentication, and complexity. Material depth that contributes to seeing through, past or with greater depth at fake news can take many forms:
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