Alex Juhasz's Podcast "Black Lives Matter: Stay Open to Contradictions and Power #offline"

This emergency episode was made quickly during a time of uprising following the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other African Americans by police.

We begin with Juanita and Henry Szczepanski reading their poems "Why?" and “Black Lives Matter.” Wife and husband, inter-racial couple, disabled older Americans stuck at home during COVID-19 -- they are ever more dependent on the digital, each other, and the art and conversation they can make together. Their poems are as different as those written by two partners can be. A conversation ensues. They agree; they disagree. In so doing, they give permission to witness the honest playing out of another of my HardTruths, Number 74: “stay open to contradictions and power #offline.”

Join us in the change! Read or respond to a poem or hardtruth found at the online primer of digital media literacy, #100hardtruths-#fakenews or fakenews-poetry.org. Organize your own Fake News Poetry Workshop. Reach out with questions or content @ 100hardtruths@gmail.com. Twitter: @100HardTruths Instagram: #100HardTruths YouTube: 100 Hard Truths #BlackLivesMatter #BlackDisabledLivesMatter

See other collaborations here: Juanita and Alex, essay, "Knowing Each Other Through AIDS Video"; Juanita and her grandaughter, Pharah make a poetry video; Alex's CUNY graduate students and Juanita's daughter, Jahanara, make public art about youth and homophobia

See this original hardtruth:

hardtruth #74: stay open to contradictions and power #offline

See the poetic response to hardtruth #74:

the go fund mes never end

See hardtruth #44:
#44, black lives matter

To see a poetic response to hardtruth #44:
Black Lives Matter

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