Alex Juhasz's Podcast "Black Lives Matter: Digital Participation is Reflexive"

We engage in radical digital media literacy by enjoying a bite of education and a bit of poetry, creating humane responses to fake news and social media in the era of Covid-19. This episode was made quickly during a time of uprising following the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, Tony McDade and countless other African Americans by police. It connects these serious concerns to two #100hardtruths: Black Lives Matter (#44) and Digital Participation is Reflexive (#97).

For this episode, we chose to play the audio from “Situation 8,” one of a series of Situation videos Claudia made with her husband, the filmmaker John Lucas, from 2015-2017. These are multi-genre responses to contemporary America that resonate with us, not only as people, but as citizens. “Between us. Between strangers. Our civic contract states. We will act in each others best interest for no other reason. Than we are here together.” (Claudia Rankine and John Lucas, "Situation 8")

Please be advised, the soundtrack from Situation 8 includes graphic audio of violence. The ethical context we suggest for this emergency is to account for our own reflexive role in these visual regimes and participate in new ways; in this instance, to not look at these and other images of viral black death, but rather to listen, breathe, attend, and then act. For more see, "How Do I (Not) Look? Live Feed Video and Viral Black Death," Alexandra Juhasz, July 20, 2016 and the response, "Viral Black Death: Why We Must Watch Citizen Videos of Police Violence," by Kimberly Fain, September 1, 2016.

And then, join us in each other's best interest. We are here, online, together! Read or respond to a poem or hardtruth found at the online primer of digital media literacy, #100hardtruths-#fakenews or fakenews-poetry.org. Organize your own Fake News Poetry Workshop. Reach out with questions or content @ 100hardtruths@gmail.com. Twitter: @100HardTruths Instagram: @100HardTruths YouTube: 100 Hard Truths #BlackLivesMatter

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hardtruth #97: digital participation is reflexive

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We Flatten Human Touch

See hardtruth #44:
#44, black lives matter

To see a poetic response to hardtruth #44:
Black Lives Matter

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